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The Wickwood Notebook
A L L  T H E  L O C A L  N E W S,  G O S S I P,  R E C I P E S  A N D  L O R E  T H A T' S  F I T  T O   P R I N T Topiary W I N T E R   2 0 1 0

Celebrate whenever you get a chance!

Cup Cakes

Spring Fever

Spring Fever

Spring Fever

Spring Fever

Spring Fever

Spring Fever

Spring Fever

Spring Fever

We'll provide the pampering!

Stop your world in Saugatuck. Reconnect with your best friend. Take a sleigh ride over snowy fields, skate, sled, ski or snowshoe. Laugh a lot. Go wine, beer, olive oil tasting. Take a cooking class. Do a jazz marathon, train for 26 miles, or bike country roads. Immerse yourself in our galleries, shops, and spa treatments. Or, simply never leave The Inn. Make new memories.              Wickwood ---


January 21 Wine Dinner
Foothills to summit “The wines of northern Italy, Austria and Germany“, Everyday People Cafe
January 21-February 12 Katagami Art of Jennifer Linssen DePree Gallery
January 21 Young at Heart, at The Cinema Series, SCA
January 22-March 1 Micro/Macro Views of The Lakeshore, SCA
January 22 The Saugatuck Ice Rink is Open
January 22-March 25 Open Figure Studio
               More Calendar ...





"And above all ... have a good time"    Julia Child

At Wickwood we celebrate food everyday. Now our passion is cozy food ... Gooey Paninis, mesmerizing soups, cheese and chutney, Spicy Grissini, French Press coffee, Bourbon Sticky Buns, Madeleines, and cupcakes galore. Then there’s our chocolate obsession        RECIPES ...


Reasons To Celebrate
• Young Love
• Old Love
• No Security Screening
• A Tax Rebate
• Anticipating a new baby
• Tuesday or Thursday
• Delaying Retirement
• Your Birthday
• The First Robin
• A Promotion
• Every Anniversary
• Making a Snowman
• Longer Days
• One Hundred Sit-ups
• A new snow fall
• Not listening to the news
• Recharging You
• Not recharging your batteries
• Snowy dunes/Hot chocolate
• Brewing your own beer
• Longer days
• A meteor shower
• Small town Fat Tuesday
• A Wine Dinner
• Ordering seeds

"Birthdays are nature's way of telling us to eat more cake."

You can always shop 'til you drop in Saugatuck and Douglas, year round!
• Come visit Landshark's for the best outfitters for active men and women. And you can rent skis here
Santa Fe Trading Company
• The Santa Fe Trading Company lets you step into the Southwest with clothing, accessories, home décor, perfumes, soaps, jewelry and Native American art.

• The Open Door is a treasure of eclectic music with Ron's knowledge guiding you through jazz, Celtic, folk, cabaret, country, bluegrass, blues and opera. Liz's books, jewelry, pottery and "readings" are all special

Spice Merchants showcase spices from around the world, teas, coffee, and grains. All the very best and extraordinary fresh!

• The Olive Mill offers tastings of artisan olive oils and vinegars from the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. You learn mountains.
Brackett & Company
Brackett & Company features cutting edge contemporary furniture and accessories

Thomas Greene is a treasure trove of accessories, jewelry and gifts

Good Good's epitomizes style with unique clothing, art, artisanal jewelry, home furnishings and gifts that you won't see anywhere. Be sure and see the current art exhibit upstairs.

Artisanal Chocolates and Caramel Popcorn. YES!

Our pal, David Lebovitz formerly the pastry chef of Chez Panisse, who lives and loves chocolate in Paris has been raving about a chocolatier in Sacramento! “As good as Artisanal French Chocolates”, says he. We just had to taste these!! And of course, He’s quite right! Ginger Elizabeth chocolates are Simply fabulous.

You must try the Caramelized Almonds covered in Bittersweet. And, then we remembered to tell you of our own nearby Patricia’s Chocolates. Equally fabulous. Of course there’s Valerie Confections in L.A., Michael Recchiuti in SF, And the we can’t-have-it in-the house-addictive Fancy’s Hazelnut -covered toffee. Then of Course there’s the – we Can’t-not-have-it-in-the house Caramel Corn From Carroll’s. We always have to have a bag, or a home is not a home.

www.gingerelizabeth.com www.patriciaschocolates.com www.recchiuti.com www.valerieconfections.com www.maisonduchocolate.com www.fancyscandys.com www.carrollscorn.net

The Rubinkam Gallery And Joys of Life

We love to get lost in this Douglas oasis. The Studio is filled with Steve Rubinkam’s fabulous oils of harbors and boats to cottage scenes, flowers and orchards. A lifetime of experience is evident in every oil.

Adjacent, The Joys of Life Gallery overflows with Artisanal gifts from around the world. Both are a true delight.
February - “Sweet Art”, Impressionistic Rubinkam paintings with French & Italian messages
April - New Artists Spring Preview
May - Shower of Flowers Off glass mosaics, oils and pottery.

Saugatuck Center for the Arts
Winter Performance Series

Grand Rapids Women’s Chorus Saturday, January 30

Lisa McClowry Trio
Saturday, February 13

Cowboy Junkies
Thursday, March 18

Nagata Shachu Japanese Drumming Ensemble
Saturday, April 24


 The Girls

SL                                          JR

Sheila Lukins 1943-2009

Actually, most often we were called the “Good Time Girls”. We certainly knew how to have fun! A partner for the better part of 33 years, We finished one another’s sentences, loved the movies, Paris, adored creating The Silver Palate and every moment of watching it grow. Even when our eyelashes stuck together in the “Canning Kitchen”, even when we were bone tired, or had to recall the Fudge Sauce Grand Marnier because the FDA said it had too much Grand Marnier. Even when we had to overnight and re-do the Menus for the Tokyo Shop to feature rice in every dish. Together we were able to follow our dreams. We were indeed Lucky girls. We laughed a lot! I shall miss her!

"I am the Master of my fate. I am the Captain of my soul."
---- William Ernest Henly, "Invictus"

Clint Eastwood surprises. But none more than he meditates twice a day and has for forty years. It seems to have served him well. Our 2010 Resolve! To slow down and find silence.

"You gotta help me stop looking up stuff I don't really care about."

Cartoons all attributed to The New Yorker, January 18, 2010

“Try not to have a good time ... this is supposed to be educational.”
---- Charlie Brown

Topiary  Topiary  Topiary

As Our Preferred Guests

You’re invited to visit us anytime between January 20 and April 30, 2010 and Receive 20% Off Our Best Available Rate


Join Us for a Weekend Cooking Class with Julee
January 29 - April 30, 2010

Every Saturday Morning following Brunch, Julee will conduct a Vintage Champagne Tasting and a Demonstration Cooking Class with Tastings ... lots of tasting.

Celebrate Food with Wickwood Cooking Classes
We'll start with a Vintage Champagne Tasting and then we'll be cooking, tasting and talking foods from around the world. Mostly we have fun!

Reserve your space at 800.385.1174.

Time to Shop for Seeds

There’s always optimism As we plan the garden scan seed catalogues for “the sun will come up tomorrow.” The proliferation of GMO’s Mandates that we must. Our best sources for heirloom organic seeds and bulbs:

www.seedsavers.org www.reneesgarden.com www.heirloomseeds.com www.oldhousegardens.com www.territorialseed.com www.monticello.org www.seedsofchange.com www.heirloomacresseeds.com

Get Smart 2010

• Listen to classical music
• Keep a food/exercise journal
• Read The London Times Literary Supplement
• The New York Review of Books.
• Play the Settlers of Caton
• Get a sketch pad and pencil
• Listen to classical music
• Visit www.mint.com
• Visit www.spotify.com
• Visit www.hunch.com
• Attend open Yale courses at www.oyc.yale.edu
• Get up early. It works.
• Watch Willie Geist on MSNBC at 5:30 am
• Catch Diane Rehm on NPR, Charlie Rose on Bloomberg, Andres Marr, BBC
• Read “Cultural Amnesia” by London’s Clive James Shop
• Visit www.heywoodhill.com
• Visit www.feastongood.com
• Do something good for Someone else, everyday

Watch for New Fruits From our Fiftieth State

Chefs and Farmers on The Big Island of Hawaii are pushing the envelope growing exotic fruits from India and South America. Watch for:
• Longan, or “dragon eye”
• Tree tomatoes
• Poha Cape
• Gooseberry Loquat
• Rangpur lime
• Turkish figs
• Knobby Atemoya
• New types of bananas
• Surinam Cherry
• Tropical Apricot
• Grumichama
• Kumquat

GMO Foods

Vow to yourself to learn more about these. Know where they exist, what we (in the USA) can do about eliminating them and how to avoid them while they are here!!!

Labeling laws exist in the EU, Japan, Australia and Even China, but not here. GMO's are 91% of our soy, 87% of cotton, 75% of canola and 73% of corn grown in the US according to the USDA. A recently released study (the first) in the International Journal of Biological Sciences announces that genetically modified foods cause organ damage in mice. Monsanto only tested their maize for 90 days before striving for world wide crop dominance. Amazing!

The good news is that this brings to light the potentially catastrophic consequences of scientifically altered crops. The bad: it is difficult to completely avoid GMO’s in the US. They are the foods we eat. Therefore, avoid packaged foods.
Eat real food
Shop Farmer’s Markets
Shop organic
See Food Rules
                           RECIPES ...

Red Books

Committed by Elizabeth Gilber. Very interesting. Expected to dislike, instead enjoyed it. Just not “Eat, Pray and Love.”
Redeeming Features by Nicholas Haslam. He’s known everybody who is fascinating in London for the past 50 years. A bad life.
The Dogs and The Wolves by  Irene Nemirovsky. We’d read anything she has written that is translated.
No Invitation Required by Annabel Goldsmith. A glimpse into a fascinating contemporary English life of privilege.
Open by Andre Agassi. A roller coaster page turner. Do not miss.
Tender by Nigel Slater. The best English cookbook writer of the day.
Food Journeys of a Lifetime - 500 by The National Geographic. Do not plan your next trip without it.
Out of Africa by Isak Dinesen. At last to read a first edition after loving the movie for so long. A must.Forgotten
Skills of Cooking by Darina Allen. A real food education from this English cook.
Out of Sheer Rage. Wrestling with D.H. Lawrence by Geoff Dyer. Totally entertaining, just marvelous.
The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest by Stieg Larsson. Third in the trilogy. If you’re addicted, a must.
Been Doon So Long by Randall Graham. To know the Bonny Doon Winery is to adore Randall, its philosopher vitner.
Momofuku by David Chang. His food is as good as the hype and this book is magical. Do not miss.

Food/Health News

How to stay fit is less confusing than ever. The sources we trust for news:


Come play in our wonderful village soon!
   Julee and Bill

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