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The Wickwood Inn Notebook
A L L  T H E  L O C A L  N E W S,  G O S S I P,  R E C I P E S  A N D  L O R E Topiary W I N E  &  F O O D  2 0 0 9

Indulge yourself!
Join us as we celebrate France, Italy and Spain at our Food and Wine Weekends

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The Weekend


"She changed the way America eats."
 - New York Newsday

"The world of imagination is boundless." --- Jean Jaques Rousseau

February 27, 28 & March 1, 2009

Classic French Bistro cooking, the very essence of comfort food, where authenticity and tradition reign supreme. Superbly paired with wines from Champagne, The Rhone, Bandol, and Burgundy’s small centuries old wineries.

~ ~ ~
"What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything."
--- Federico Fellini

March 13, 14 & 15, 2009  
l   March 27, 28 & 29, 2009

The whole world loves Italian cooking with its simplicity, intensity and spirit. And, so do we! It is the essence and anticipation of Spring’s foods, especially when paired with Prosecco, Pinot Grigio, Barolo and Barbaresco.

~ ~ ~
"Almost everyone has something secret they like to eat."
--- MFK Fisher

April 3, 4 & 5, 2009

For "women" of all ages - Wickwood's and Julee's most private recipes (aka: not in any cookbook) will be shared and paired with favored libations while "The Final Four" entertains the men at home.

~ ~ ~
"It takes a long time to become young." --- Pablo Picasso

April 17, 18 & 19, 2009

Intensely flavored “small plates” that are a terrific trend to add to your own repertoire. They make a party or an everyday meal exciting!! Paired with Tempranillo, Granache, and vintage Sherry.

Wine Weekend at Wickwood   Wine Weekend at Wickwood   Wine Weekend at Wickwood   Wine Weekend at Wickwood
Wine Weekend at Wickwood   Wine Weekend at Wickwood   Wine Weekend at Wickwood   Wine Weekend at Wickwood
"I cook with wines. Sometimes I even add it to the food."
W. C. Fields

The Weekend

Friday evening, the weekend will begin with a Wine Tasting paired with Hors d’oeuvres and Supper at Wickwood featuring cuisine from the featured country. Our wine experts will lead us through the Tasting and answer questions along the way. Later that evening the incredible Mary Rademacher and Mark Kahney will croon a tune or two --- and we’ve been known to roll up the rug and sing along.


Saturday Morning we’ll have a vintage Champagne Tasting, matched to a very special Wickwood Brunch. Afterwards, Julee will lead a two hour cooking class based on authentic dishes of the country we’re “visiting” that weekend. By noon, everyone will be out wandering through the galleries and shops of Saugatuck and Douglas. Throughout the weekend there will be several surprise spontaneous Food Tastings conducted by Julee.


Saturday Evening we will all be entertained at The Piper where Chef Keaton Stearns and his staff will prepare a special Winemakers Dinner with the menu based on our featured country and wine flights from his own distinctive wine list. Chef Stearns certainly “lives within his harvest” by cooking globally yet shopping locally. This will surely be a superb dinner.


Sunday morning Wickwood’s Traditional Champagne Brunch will have a second Cooking Class followed by gifts and goodbyes. We promise, it will have been a weekend to remember!!!!

Wine Weekend at Wickwood

Wine Weekend at Wickwood

"Living well is the best revenge."
--- George Herbert, 1593 - 1633

Please call The Wickwood Inn early as the weekends book quickly at 800.385.1174 or 269.857.1465 for further details and reservations.

  We hope you'll join us for these extraordinary weekends. They are always the best of times.
Julee and Bill




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Julee and Bill

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