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A L L  T H E  L O C A L  N E W S,  G O S S I P,  R E C I P E S  A N D  L O R E  T H A T' S  F I T  T O   P R I N T flower_pot.jpg (1947 bytes) S U M M E R  2 0 0 5

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  "We had sand in the eyes and the ears and the nose, and sand in the hair and sand
  04line02.jpg (944 bytes)  A.A. Milne


At last, the Wickwood newsletter we've longed for! Finally, a means to seasonally convey the upcoming events of Saugatuck and Douglas, the news at our Inn and the latest and greatest discoveries we make about a few of our passions - food, wine, books, art, gardening, travel, anything that tickles our fancy and just might yours! We might even pass on notes from our own Little Black Book along with the latest local and national foodie dish! You never know! We hope you enjoy this and that we see you soon at the Inn!

Tastes at the Inn
Our local Farmers' Markets are open! Now each week we can follow the season with locally homegrown produce picked to perfection. Lately we're serving:

circle.jpg (1267 bytes) Asparagus Arugula Frittata drizzled with White Truffle Oil - we're in love!
circle.jpg (1267 bytes) New smoked sausages bursting with spice - tossed on the grill for breakfast.
circle.jpg (1267 bytes) Almond Croissant French Toast with Spiced Blueberry Sauce or Maple Syrup.
circle.jpg (1267 bytes) Big Bright Strawberries drizzled in the Darkest Chocolate.
circle.jpg (1267 bytes) Sopresseta, Finnocchiona, and Chorizio - the best we've had in this world - handmade by "Multo Mario" Batali's father in Seattle served at twilight with great goat cheeses from Coach Farm owned by Myles Cahn, Mario's father-in-law.
circle.jpg (1267 bytes) Our own Sardinian Sheet Music Crisps that crackle.
circle.jpg (1267 bytes) Asparagus wrapped with Proscuitto and American Artisinale Cheeses.
circle.jpg (1267 bytes) Smoke salmon, shrimp and crab dance through to dazzle at dusk atop Crostini.
circle.jpg (1267 bytes) Spritzers, Sangrias, and Lemoncello - like sipping sunshine.
circle.jpg (1267 bytes) Almond Biscotti dipped in Vin Santo make for sweet dreams!

We don't want anyone to miss the flavors of the season. Now, we can hardly wait for the new born fava beans ..

04figs.JPG (10377 bytes)
"To know how to eat is to know enough " 04line05.jpg (990 bytes) Basque Proverb

Cook's Notes

An insatiable curiosity has always held my soul captive. Once I discover, I love to share. Lately I’ve been telling Bill, “I feel so very rich” and it curiously comes from just having the security of some great stuff in our pantry.  (Like many of you – we don’t have Balducci’s down the street and it leaves me wanting.)

It begins with a several month stash of Basil Hazelnut Pesto, some White Truffle Oil, the Batali Family sausages, heirloom tomatoes, arugula, aged Balsamico, some of the best Parmigiano- Reggiano around and I’m happy…and feel very rich! But it begins with
           Basil Hazelnut Pesto
                         and more ...

Town Notices

June 9~12 Waterfront Film Festival

June 13 George Brown Studio latest paintings of scenes
June 17 Ox-Bow Studio Auction
June 18 Saugatuck's Arts and Crafts
June 18 Ox-Bow Every Other Friday Open Studios
June 20 Spring Anniversary Exhibit James Brandess
June 24 and 25 Good Goods Gallery Annual Sticks Show
June 25 Henry Johnson's Trio Lakeshore Jazz Connection
June 25 Jan Miller at Joyce Petter Gallery
June 25 Winery Open House Fenn Valley Vineyards
June 25 and 26 Art on Center Downtown Douglas
June 25~July 29 Places: Seen and Unseen Water Street Gallery
June 26 Allegan Antique Market Days Allegan County Fairgrounds
                       July, August ...

04home_sculptures2.jpg (12411 bytes)

"I like passion. People who aren't    carried away should be"        JR

              flower_pot03.jpg (2328 bytes)     flower_pot03.jpg (2328 bytes)    flower_pot03.jpg (2328 bytes)

Grape Expectations

Wine laws are expected to rapidly change after the shipping news came down from The Supreme Court. We hope it's only a matter of time before we'll all have access to our cult favorites. Search cult wines to find your own. Some of our WHITES - wiermer.com; saumarok.com; drfrankswines.com; lenzwine,com; bedellcellars.com; REDS - wine-maker.net; harlanestate.com; araujoestate.com; screamingeagle.com

04cityhall.JPG (11973 bytes)04icecreamJPG.jpg (11248 bytes)04cstreets.JPG (12019 bytes)04car.JPG (10637 bytes)
"You can fall in love at first sight with a place as with a person.   04line02.jpg (944 bytes)   Alec Waugh

Best Bites
"Cooking is too hard a thing to do for money only"
04line06.jpg (998 bytes) Matt Millar, Journeyman

circle.jpg (1267 bytes) Chef Matt Millar just opened The Journeyman in Fennville (really!) and the food obsessed are flocking. They're greeted with the freshest, most masterful Roasted Black Cod, Sautéed Soft Shell Crab, Wild Ramp and Potato Soup, Foie Gras Terrine, just-picked Spring Greens Caesar Salad and Pot du Crème...Wow!
circle.jpg (1267 bytes) The ravishing greens at the Ravines Golf Club now host a marvelous dinner every night - great salmon and the best perch in town!
circle.jpg (1267 bytes) The critically acclaimed Chaps in Douglas has a fabulous new menu and every dish we've tasted will satisfy your palate!
circle.jpg (1267 bytes) The Grill Room at Clearbrook has expanded and guests can now dine Al Fresco there- as well as at Everyday People's Café where Matt Balmer combines classic tastes in unexpected ways, the sizzling hot Blue Moon, Phil's Grill, and The Mermaid.
circle.jpg (1267 bytes) Pumpernickel's changes it's mood after 6 and serves dinner and a cocktail - with a splash of fabulous music!

Our local food scene today is marvelous!

04fireworks.JPG (16079 bytes)

  "It is a happy talent to know how
   to play." Ralph Waldo Emerson

Around Our Towns

The Chain Ferry is open to cross the Kalamazoo. Boats have been launched. Mason Street Warehouse Theater's season has kicked off. Water Street Film Festival has announced its selected movies. Our four golf courses are preened. The sculptures for Art Around Town are in place. The galleries are hosting Wine and Cheese Openings. Our unique shops and boutiques are bursting. And, it's Artist Sylvia Randolph's 100th Birthday!! She's our local treasure and has celebrated with the very personal "Sylvia's Sunday Supper Cookbook"- available at Good's Goods. Sylvia sets a mean pace for us all!

flower_pot.jpg (1947 bytes)  flower_pot.jpg (1947 bytes)  flower_pot.jpg (1947 bytes)

Live Like a Local

As you drive into town get ready to slow down, turn off your phone and greet a stranger on the street. It's said that, "The wise man travels to discover himself," so stop the noise and listen. Secondly, leave your city duds in your suitcase - we know that you're really trendy at heart. Casual does it here.
Then just wander…..
circle.jpg (1267 bytes) Stop by Ida Reds for a great late lunch (but before 2:30).
circle.jpg (1267 bytes) Hang out at The Red Dock sipping Margaritas, watching the sloops race, or the swans performing their ballets.
circle.jpg (1267 bytes) Have a Great burger at Phil's or The Butler, play pool at The Sand Bar or head to the What Not Inn for terrific jazz or cabaret.
circle.jpg (1267 bytes) Search for the Green Flash at Sunset.
circle.jpg (1267 bytes) Walk our "singing beaches" - it's part of our everyday here!
circle.jpg (1267 bytes) Get out on the Lake, the River, or the Big Lake, somehow - The Duck, The Star of Saugatuck, or The Chain Ferry, rent a sail boat, or paddle your own canoe up the Kalamazoo.
circle.jpg (1267 bytes) Let something utterly wild slowly creep into your own nature.

Our Little Black Book

From time to time we'll share snippets about our favorite places around the world. And as we discover more, we'll update you. Please use this as merely a guide for one of the best parts of travel is serendipity. First we'll flip to

         Paris...When It Sizzles ...

04garden.JPG (14915 bytes)

  "The secret to life is enjoying the
  passage of time"   James Taylor

A Moment of Silence

When you visit, take the time to immerse yourself in the wonders of why we live here.

circle.jpg (1267 bytes) Walk the beach just after dawn - you'll find the best beach glass then.
circle.jpg (1267 bytes) Climb Mt. Bald Head at sunset, bike Lake Shore Drive, or slide down the Dunes at the State Park.

circle.jpg (1267 bytes) Slow down on Wickwood's Back Porch surrounded by flowers and just read…or play checkers with your "best pal" while you're tasting cookies and lemonade. Guests forbid phones or tv's - so savor the cooing of the doves.

circle.jpg (1267 bytes) Pamper yourself!! Soothe your tired bones with a massage at any of our day spas - Belle Vita, Spring Renewal, Waterfront Center Stage Salon

circle.jpg (1267 bytes) Or work those muscles with a bicycle ride, walk or run our country roads and paths, or pump iron at the Pump House.

Sounds of Summer

Follow the notes in the air and you'll hear music all over town.

From jazz and cabaret, to music for dancing, listen for it at Chaps, Pumpernickel's, The What Not Inn, Coral Gables, Wally's, The Red Dock, The Boathouse, The White House, Everyday People's Café, The Blue Moon, The Sandbar, and Uncommon Grounds.

Watch for the schedule of the Lakeshore Jazz Connection Concerts and the Chamber Music Festival. Outdoors, music is at Fenn Valley Vineyard, The Butler Tiki Bar, and Wednesday night "Music in the Park" at Wick's Gazebo.

Your Own Sketchbook

"How shall we beguile the lazy time, if not with some delight?" 04line06.jpg (998 bytes) William Shakespeare

Come dabble, dribble and splat with us. Paint, sketch, or sculpt to unleash the artist within. You're invited to join a local art class held all around our towns all year long, they're for artists of all ages from beginners to pro's. We're all always learning!!

Checkout -
circle.jpg (1267 bytes) Saugatuck Center for the Arts
circle.jpg (1267 bytes) Ken Cadwallader Fine Art
circle.jpg (1267 bytes) Express Yourself Art Barn
circle.jpg (1267 bytes) Ox-Bow School of Art
circle.jpg (1267 bytes) Jim Brandess Studio
circle.jpg (1267 bytes) Reid Galey at Water Street
circle.jpg (1267 bytes) Kendall Art School at Ox-Bow
circle.jpg (1267 bytes) Artist demonstrations at our local galleries all year long.

04sunset01-01.JPG (12780 bytes)
"The eyes are ravished with the beauties of naked nature"    04line06.jpg (998 bytes)  Robert Benchley

Splashy Sunsets, Singing Sands, and 'The Green Flash'

On any given evening along the quiet windswept sand dunes towering above the gently rolling surf of Lake Michigan, locals and visitor alike, watch in awe-inspired admiration as the brilliant sun slowly sets with a fiery crescendo of a lipstick streaked sky.

The heavenly performance of Saugatuck's sunset entrances visitors who often stay long after the spectacular panorama slowly fades under the gentle veil of night. It's reminiscent of an old-fashioned outdoor movie theater with the sun as the Hollywood star.
                                                             More Splashy Sunsets ...

The Buzz Around Town

The exuberant eccentrics who live here love the spontaneity of our villages.
circle.jpg (1267 bytes) The irresistible Michael Holmes (the crooner) and Wally Michaels (tickling the ivories) have their own groupies! Follow them too to Chaps, Pumpernickel's, and The What Not. We can't get enough of them! It's Cabaret music at its best!!
circle.jpg (1267 bytes) "Music in the Park" every Wednesday night - from Jazz to Blue Grass - from July to September. Add your own loaf of bread, hunk of cheese, jug of wine and hum along.
circle.jpg (1267 bytes) A Farmer's Market is in the works at the SCA (Saugatuck Center for the Arts) with only the very best home grown local produce offered. We're in the Fruit Belt and doubly blessed with very rich black soil so anticipate great heirloom tomatoes, organic greens, fruits and vegetables, perennials and cut flowers, poultry and meat and an assortment of Artesianal American breads and cheeses.

Our Red Book

Books that we couldn't put down!

circle.jpg (1267 bytes) Chocolate, Art Rosenbaum
circle.jpg (1267 bytes) Multo Mario, Mario Batali
circle.jpg (1267 bytes) A Walk on the Beach, Joan Anderson
circle.jpg (1267 bytes) Gift From the Sea, Anne Morris Lindburgh
circle.jpg (1267 bytes) Catherine de Medici, Leone Frieda
circle.jpg (1267 bytes) Blood From a Stone, Donna Leon
circle.jpg (1267 bytes) Chasing Matisse, James Morgan
circle.jpg (1267 bytes) Take Big Bites, Linda Ellerbee
circle.jpg (1267 bytes) The Lake, The River and ..., Steve Amick
circle.jpg (1267 bytes) Dishing, Liz Smith

04garden03.JPG (23480 bytes)
  "The country habit has me by the heart
                          04line06.jpg (998 bytes) Vita Sackwell West

Cookbooks Galore

If you're an avid cookbook collector, as I am -- Please note for your "Things to do Before I Croak" List - a visit to the just dedicated Longone Center for American Culinary Research, The Clements Library at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. It is truly a culinary treasure like no other

Thirty years ago I found my way to the Longone's Wine & Food Library and thought I'd gone to heaven!! Since I was educated as an historian and recently a born again foodie, once there, I never wanted to leave. Thousands and thousands of cookbooks surrounded me tracing the culinary history of America.

Now Jan and her wine loving husband have donated their 20,000 American culinary book collection dating from 1698 to 1950 for all of us to have access. It's truly a national treasure. A fabulous gift to cooks everywhere as are Culinary Symposiums that have been initiated. For more information and to subscribe to the quarterly newsletter call (734) 764-2347.

Trade Secrets

circle.jpg (1267 bytes) Truffles ~ Pigs and chefs go crazy over the taste of truffles - including me! It's that one magical flavor that remains indescribable but addictive with no rehab in sight. And, as the supply has decreased, as you might expect, the prices have sky rocketed.

So until farmers find a way to cultivate them, the secret ingredient of chefs has been a light drizzle of Truffle Oil, or a sprinkling of Truffle Salt. Remember that less is more. You'll find numerous other uses for Truffle oil and salt over pasta, risotto, grilled chicken or veal, or in salads as it dresses up the simplest of flavors. Both ingredients are worth their weight in gold!!

Truffle Oil can be found at Sabatino Tartufi USA (888) 444-9971 / sabatinotartufi.com or Urbani Tartufi / urbani.com. For for Truffle Salt / ritrovo.com.

circle.jpg (1267 bytes) Sea Salt ~ One of our favorite source for varieties of sea salt - from Flowers of the Ocean to seasonings / celtic-seasalt.com.
      04line02.jpg (944 bytes)     (continued)

Trade Secrets (continued)

circle.jpg (1267 bytes) Organic ~ Heritage Foods - a new reason for healthier and sustainable foods from small family farms - turkey, lamb, beef, seafood, and condiments Everything we've tasted has spoiled us and is great / heritagefoodusa.com.

circle.jpg (1267 bytes) Herbs ~ Fresh thyme, rosemary, sage, Italian parsley, chives, mint, chervil, dill, tarragon, and basil. Sometimes lemon verbena, scented geranium leaves, chocolate, mint, or lavender.

For the past twenty years, one of my greatest luxuries has been fresh herbs and young greens delivered to my door by the Herb Lady, Nancy Baker. While my own herb garden suffices part of the year - the bags of fresh herbs that appear every Friday has added dimension and sparkle - to every dish I make. I'd be lost without them! Do yourself a favor - find yourself a local source.

"No shoes, no news , no blues"
  04line06.jpg (998 bytes) Saugatuck Motto

Enjoy the Summer and come play in Saugatuck soon!  04line06.jpg (998 bytes) Julee and Bill

04inn02.jpg (10319 bytes)


04books01.jpg (6962 bytes)


04jul-bill03.JPG (8139 bytes)

Town Notices    |    Recipes   |   Paris   |   Sunsets

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