Saugatuck, Michigan


"Sit quietly, doing nothing. Spring comes and the grasses grow by themselves."
                                                                                                       --- John Lennon

Spring forward. Put a spring in your step. Catch Spring Fever.
Start Spring Training. Take a deep breath of a soft Spring breeze.
Splash your face in a Spring shower and dance away your cares in a puddle.

Then, pause to celebrate Spring with us in Saugatuck at Wickwood!

"Everything to excess. To enjoy life, take big bites. Moderation is for monks."
                                                           --- Robert Heinlein, "Time Enough for Love"

Wickwood's Strawberry Shortcake

                                                                                                          RECIPE ...




Last Three Weekends
Limited Space Available March 18-19, 25-26
April 1-2, 2011

Every Saturday Morning following Brunch, Julee will conduct a Vintage Champagne Tasting and a Demonstration Cooking Class with Comparative Tastings --- lots of tasting!
 Reserve your space at 800.385.1174.

Through April 17 The Wyeths: Americas Artists, Kalamazoo Institute of Arts

Through May 22 "The Cat Under the Hat: Dr. Suess", Holland Museum

Through May 8 Jim Dine: Sculpture, Meijer Gardens

Through March 19 Pigment, Recent Work by Chuck Meyers, Water Street Gallery

Through April 30 Butterflies at Meijer Gardens
Through April 27 330 Million Faces: Hindu Deities, at the SCA
March 4 Victoria Wyeth Lecture, Kalamazoo Institute of Arts
March 12-13 Pre-Release Wine & Food Tasting, Fenn Valley Winery

“Spring is Nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s Party’” --- Robin Williams

March 13 C. Curtis Smith and his piano at the SCA
March 13 Suzanne at The What Not Inn
March 13 Bill Staines at Salt of the Earth
March 14-19 Another Year, Knickerbocker Theater
March 16 Wine Dinner, Everyday People’s Cafe

March 17 Requiem for Detroit, The SCA
March 17 Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with live Irish music by Dublin Station, Salt of the Earth
March 19 Basics of Digital Photography, Old School House
March 19 Lucia Di Lammermoor, Live at The Met, Holland 7
March 19-20 Pre-Release Wine & Food Tasting, Fenn Valley Winery
March 20 Michigan Songwriters Summit at Salt of the Earth
March 22 Fresh Start Benefit at Salt of the Earth
March 22 The Big Country Film, Saugatuck Brewing Company

“A Spring breeze makes the whole world smile.” --- Sitting Bull

March 24 Heaven Can Wait, Saugatuck Library
March 26 Food and Fashion Show at Salt of the Earth
March 26 Pre-Release Wine & Food Tasting, Fenn Valley Winery
March 26 Best Years of Our Lives, Saugatuck Brewery
March 27 Honey Dewdrops Concert at Salt of the Earth
March 28 Ben Percy, fiction, Knickerbocker Theatre
March 29 The Best Years of Our Lives, Saugatuck Library
March 31 Great Performance Rose Ensemble, Hope College

Bill Staines, March 13

Michigan Songwriters Spring Summit, March 20

Honey Dewdrops, March 27

Madcat, Kane, and Maxwell Street House, April 3

Joel Mabus, April 10

Cairn to Cairn, April 17

Red Tail Ring, April 24

Shari Kane & Big Dave, May 1

Seth Bernard & May Erlewine
May 8

Dick Siegel and the Brandos
May 15

Lindsay Lou and the Flatbellys
May 22

“As sure as the spring will follow the winter, prosperity and economic growth will follow recession.”
                      ---- Bo Bennett



April 1 Folias Tango Quartet, Wichers Auditorium
April 1-May 4 Stephen Hansen, Water Street Gallery
April 2 Natchez Trace sings, Saugatuck Brewing
April 3 Madcat, Kane & Maxwell, sing at Salt of the Earth
April 7 Meet Me In St. Louis, Saugatuck Library
April 4-9 The Illusionist, The Knickerbocker Theater

“Can words describe the fragrance of the very breath of Spring?”
                     --- Neltje Blanchan

April 9 Matt Hanegraff & Friends sing at Saugatuck Brewing
April 9 Rob Auler, pianist at Dimnent
April 9 Le Comte Ory, Live at The Met, Holland 7
April 10 Joel Mabus sings at Salt of the Earth
April 11-12 Jazz Combos, Wichers Auditorium
April 12 Vocal Jazz Workshop, Wichers Auditorium
April 13 Jazz Ensembles Concert, Dimnent
April 13 Wine Dinner, Everyday People’s Cafe

“The world is mud-luscious and puddle wonderful."
                       --- e.e. cummings

April 14 Kevin McFadden & Diana Joseph, Knickerbocker Theater
April 15-17 Little Red Riding Hood, The Opera, Red Barn Theater
April 15-16 Gone Missing, DeWitt Theatre
April 16 Art Dart, Water Street Gallery

April 16 Town Crier Race, Saugatuck
April 16 Lew Russ sings at Saugatuck Brewing
April 17 Cairn to Cairn sing at Salt of the Earth
April 19-21 Gone Missing, DeWitt Theatre
April 20 Black Narcissus, Saugatuck Library

“In the Spring I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hours.”   --- Mark Twain

April 20 Michigan vs. South Africa Brys Estates Wine Diner, Salt of the Earth
April 21 Garland, SCA
April 23 Ray Townsend sings, Saugatuck Brewing
April 23 Wine Maker’s Vietnamese Dinner, Fenn Valley Winery
April 23 Capriccio, Live at The Met, Holland 7
April 24 Reil Tail Ring sing at Salt of the Earth
April 29-May 1 Little Red Riding Hood, The Opera, Red Barn Theater

“A little Madness in Spring is wholesome even for the King."
                       ---Emily Dickenson

April 29-June 20 PIE: A Slice of Pure Michigan, SCA
April 30 Greg Nagy Duo sing
, Saugatuck Brewing
April 30-May 1 Allegan Antique Market
April 30, Il Trovatore, Live At The Met
, Holland 7

Saugatuck Center for the Arts
Main Stage Performances

Grammy Winner Colin Hay
Sunday, May 1

Tumbao Bravo's Latin Jazz
Saturday, May 21

Quixotic Fusion Dancers
Sunday, May 29


Mason Street Warehouse
Summer Season


Big deal musical to be announced April 1
June 24 - July 17

BigFive Guys Named Moe
July 22 - August 7

The 39 Steps
August 7
- August 28

Scott Nevins' One Night Stand
August 31 - September 4


“Its Spring fever. You don’t quite know what it is you DO want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so.”     --- Mark Twain



“Spring is when you feel like whistling even with a shoe full of slush.”           --- -Bob Hope


Staying Fit in Saugatuck

It’s easy here. We have miles of beaches to walk, trails to cycle, streams and rivers, and one Big Lake, to canoe, kayak, and surf, and paths and woods to walk. We also are lucky to have the Satya Yoga Center which is dedicated to our best selves with yoga, Pilates, meditation, martial arts, dance and even Boot Camp. There are classes, personal training, and workshops for all. www.satyayogacenter.net

“If I had my life to live over, I would start barefoot earlier in Spring, dance more and pick more daisies.”
                            ---Nadine Stair


Lakeshore Pilates is committed to upholding the highest standards of Joseph Pilates with Group Reformer & Mat classes and personal training. Lakeshore Pilates takes Pilates seriously training men and women of all ages. Visitors welcome. www.lakeshorepilates.com

“You can fall in love at first sight with a place as a person”
                          --- Alec Waugh

Pumphouse Gym

The Pump House Gym is everyone’s favorite for hitting the Cardio Mezzanine with Elliptical Bikes and Treadmills, free weights and Magnum weight and strength training equipment. Classes, day rates, personal training, it’s all here seven days a week. Walk-ins welcome. www.pumphousegym.com




May 1 Grammy Winner Colin Hay, The SCA
May 1 Star of Saugatuck Opens
May 1  Shari Kane & Big Dave sing at Salt of the Earth
May 7 Blue Coast Artists Opening Weekend
May 7-14 Tulip Time, Holland
May 8 Seth Bernard & Mary Erlewine sing
at Salt of the Earth
May 11 Bells Brewery Beer Dinner at Salt of the Earth
May 11-July 14 Old School House History Center
May 11 Great Gardens Party
, Meijer Gardens
May 12 Stonewall Uprising, SCA

Tulip Time Festival

Tulip Doo Wop Show Featuring: The Contours, Marvelettes & Diamonds - May 12

B. J. Thomas & Gary Puckett And The Union Gap - May 13

May 14 Saugatuck-Douglas Spring Preview

Through March 18 Pigment - recent Works by Chuck Meyers

April 1 - 30 "Stephen" - Recent works By Stephen Hansen

April 16 Art Dart

May 14 - 26 Recent Works by Thimgan Hayden & Russ Havard

May 14-26 Melanie Parke and Richard Kooyman
, Water Street Gallery
May 14 Die Walkure, Live from the Met, Holland 7
May 15 Dick Siegel & The Brandos sing at Salt of the Earth

“When shall we live, if not now?”
                                       --- Seneca

May 17 Girls Night Out with Cheese at Fenn Valley
May 19-21 Just Add Water, Michigan Historic Preservation Network Conference, SCA
May 19 Henry V, Saugatuck Douglas Library
May 21 Vertical Tasting with the Winemaker, Fenn Valley Winery

May 21 Dutcher’s Vintage Baseball May 21 Tumbao Bravo’s Latin Jazz, SCA
May 21-22 Pit & Smoke Firing Workshop
May 22 Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys
sing at Salt of the Earth
May 27-29 These Shining Lives, at The Red Barn Theater

“No winter lasts forever, no spring skips its turn.”     --- Hal Borland

May 28 Thimgan & Russ, Water Street Gallery
May 29 Allegan Antique Market
May 29 Quixotic Fusion Dance at The SCA
May 30 Memorial Day Parade


Saugatuck Green Market
Reopens June 2

Waterfront Film Festival
June 9-12

Venetian Festival
July 29-31

Saugatuck Center for the Arts


The Hindu pantheon has, in a famous example of hyperbole, over 330 million deities. In a sense India is God-intoxicated, there is god everywhere, in all things: within/without, above/below, in the six degrees of separation and in the three planes of existence. 

There are gods for vegetation, weather, nature, geographical areas; there are gods in villages, houses, the temples, running water, the deepest forest and in icy mountain heights. There is no situation, environment and place that the Indian does not have a god for. Gods inspire, gods infuse art and creativity and gods provoke destruction too.

In this rich exhibition featuring paintings on silk, the three key Hindu deities are showcased (Brahma The Creator, Vishnu The Protector or Preserver, and Shiva The Destroyer) along with numerous other Hindu deities.  Though Hinduism’s roots are centuries old, modern India is still steeped in the rich, complex traditions of this global religion.  This exhibit gives a glimpse into the traditions and history of Hinduism and offers a feast for the eyes via a riot of color, texture, and detail.


Spring Flowers

“Go where there is no path and leave a trail.” --- Muriel Stade


Our local “cygnets” (baby swans) are welcoming Spring!!


Reservations 269.857.1465
or 800.385.1174


Our Innkeepers answer 9am - 9pm
everyday of the year!

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