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The Wickwood Notebook
A L L  T H E  L O C A L  N E W S,  G O S S I P,  R E C I P E S  &  L O R E  T H A T' S  F I T  T O   P R I N T Topiary S P R I N G  2 0 0 8

Spring Fever

Spring Fever

Spring Fever

Spring Fever

Spring Fever Spring Fever
Spring Fever  

Spring Fever


Spring Fever

Spring Fever  

Spring Fever

“A perfect place to escape for a little relaxing”
Saugatuck in Top Five Getaways 
 Midwest Living, June 2008

Spring Fever!!!!!!
Spring is busting out all over --- Primroses, daffodils, crocuses, dogwood, and crabapple everywhere. Now that all outdoors beckons, toss your hat into the ring of life for a Spring Fling!!! Our villages let you wander at any pace you wish, and you’ll never be bored! Not for a moment. So much to do, so little time! Come for a fling at Wickwood!

Walk Oval, Douglas or The Dune’s beach at sunrise and sunset
Kayak the Kalamazoo
Sip at McIntosh Winery, Fenn Valley Vineyard, and The Saugatuck Brewery
Meander our Art Galleries and have James Brandess paint your portrait
Watch a Vintage Baseball game
Visit the S/D Historical Museum
March in a Parade
Go on Home & Garden Tour
Antique at Amsterdam, The Old School House, and The Blue Star Pavilion
Catch a performance at The Saugatuck Center for the Arts, The Red Barn Playhouse, The Women’s Club or Mason Street Warehouse
Get out on the water on The Keewatin, The Harbor Duck, The Star of Saugatuck, The Chain Ferry, or on a fishing or with a sail boat Captain
Savor Friday Open houses at the Ox-Bow Studios
Tour local Farmer’s Markets and farm stands

Walk our towns with a cup of coffee or an ice cream cone
Swoon over the music at the SCA, Rye, Everyday People’s, The What Not, The Gables, The Butler, Boathouse or in Wick’s Park. Dance in the aisles
Enjoy Everyday People’s Café, The Journeyman and Rye, Phils, The Mermaid, The Blue Moon, or Kalico
Grab a hat and go strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, cherries, apple or peach, pears picking!!
Bike ride our country roads or walk between Saugatuck, Douglas and all of our white Beaches
Pump iron at The Pump House, a massage at Bella Vita, or yoga at Satya Yoga
Find a sunny or a shady spot and immerse yourself in a book long on your list
Shop Possessions, The Tuscan Pot, Good Goods, Cheryl’s, Saugatuck Spice, Thomas Green, The Butler Pantry, Kilwins, Olive Mill Shop, Bright World Candles, Brigadoon, American Spoon, and on and on till you just drop!!!!

"Smells are surer than sounds or sights to make your
heart-strings crack."
Rudyard Kipling

Wickwood Inn hors d'oeuvres

Wickwood Inn hors d'oeuvres

The Tastes of Spring!
Wild garlic, asparagus, ramps, morels, strawberries, radishes, dandelions, sorrel, dill, chervil, micro-greens, baby vegetables. Every week the gardens come alive --- as does our kitchen!!  Recipes ---

Spring in Saugatuck

Spring in Saugatuck

"Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there
is no path and leave a trail."
Muriel Stode

McIntosh Cellars

Award Winning McIntosh Winery
With an apple orchard, a cider mill, a winery and the name McIntosh, did Bruce McIntosh have any choice but to start making sparkling hard cider. He does it beautifully and is quickly winning awards . He makes his Sparkling Cider from semi-sweet to Brut as well as Semi-Dry Fruit Wines from blueberry to apple, peach, pear, plum with a distillery on the way. It’s a pleasant way to while away the afternoon, sitting on his gracious porch sipping cider as you watch the birds fly into the interesting birdhouses all around. The Blue Star Highway.

Saugatuck Center for the Arts
Memorial Day

Shemekia Copeland

Shemekia Copeland
Friday, May 23
~ ~ ~
Dave Mason
Dave Mason
Saturday, May 24
~ ~ ~
Dee Alexander
Dee Alexander
Sunday, May 25

Saugatuck Greenmarket

Live Like a Local
Farmer’s Markets and Bookstores are our haunts when we travel to someplace new. They let us get the feel of a place right away.

Some of our favorites:
Paris: Librairie Gourmande, rue Mortmartre
Portland: Rabelais, Old Port District
L.A.: The Cook’s Library
Philadelphia: The Book Stall, Reading Terminal Market
London: Books for Cooks, Notting Hill
Zurich: Bibliotheca Gastronomica, Hans Weiss, by appointment
New York: Kitchen Arts and Letters. Our home away from home.
Some of these shops have been in business forever, and all have passionate staffs with a wealth of information.


Making Mozzarella!!
We recently went to the Artisanal Premium Cheese Center to learn to make mozzarella. After two hours of tasting, much discussion about the best Buffalo milk curds resource, and heating and massaging our ball of mozzarella into a round that we could play tennis with ---, we’re leaving it up to the pros. Paula Lambert’s Mozzarella Company in Dallas makes a superb array of cheese, her latest being a 50% goat, 50% cow’s mild mozzarella called Capriella that is heaven. Try her Bocconcini and Burrata as well. www. And Gioia Cheese’s from South El Monte brought their recipe for their cream filled Burrata Boccocini straight from Italy. It is the best thing we’ve ever popped into our mouths. Take a cheese class at:

Rosamund Bernier

Bernier at The Met
Matisse, Miro, Picasso, Leger, Ernst, Riveria, Bourgeois—Rosamund Bernier knew them all. Editor of Vogue and L’Oeil, the French arts magazine, while she lived in Paris from the 40’s to the 80’s collecting her memories for over 215 lectures . Always sold out, some of the lectures are available at Netflix by searching her name. They are to be treasured as the Grande Dame, makes, at 91, her grand finale this month on “The Paris Couture”.


Farmers are The New Stars!

Farmers Are The New Stars!!!
And sometimes, they dress similarly. Fine with us. They’re doing a great job of growing / raising food with flavors we haven’t tasted in years. Our search is constant for supplementing the best fresh, local seasonal ingredients at our table. Just think, in the 1890’s there were 6800 different kinds of apples, today there are less than 300 being grown. Everyday one seed disappears from the world’s assortment of foodstuffs.

In that effort, we’ve stumbled across our friend George Faison partner at the 100 year old DeBragga & Spitler, sellers of restaurant quality beef, lamb and pork. It’s Heritage bred, grass fed, and dry aged, resulting in great tasting meat of fowl. Check out

You get the farmer or fisherman’s name and the breed (a pedigree if you will) and fabulous flavor when you order wagyu, tuna, ham, goat, turkey, anything from:

It’s the season to either be planting your own seeds from or aligning yourself with a local farmer/ community group farm share. Contact: www.local

Waterfront Film Festival

10th Waterfront Film Festival
June 12 - 15
“One of the Top 5 Film Festivals ... right up there with Cannes and Sundance”
The Screen Actor’s Guild

Outdoor screenings, movie premiers galore, The New Media Television Festival, workshops, screenplay competitions, workshops, parties and movers and shakers everywhere!!! You don’t want to miss this annual rite of Spring in Saugatuck.
It’s terrific!
Waterfront Film Festival

Saugatuck Brewing Company

Saugatuck Brewery Opens
“Oval Beach Blonde Ale”, “Hilltop Helles”, “Butler Street Brown”, “British Best Bitter”, twelve unique beers on tap everyday all year long at the new home of Barry Johnson’s Saugatuck Brewery on Blue Star Highway. There will be food, fun and flowing brews from noon till midnight beginning May 1st. 269.857.7222

"When shall we live, if not now?" Seneca

Topiary   Topiary   Topiary

The Red Book

For those who have, as did Anthony Minghella, “an expensive taste in literature.” Some of our latest choices:

David Goder, The Ball, Snow in Autumn, The Courilof Affair by Irene Nemirovsky. Her earlier books, just as gratifying as ever.
The Naked Tourist by Lawrence Osborne. Searching for adventure and beauty today.
In Search of Perfection, Heston Blumenthal’s quest for the best of twelve traditional favorites.
Shark’s Fin and Sechuan Pepper by Fuschia Dunlop. Chinese food comes alive.
Wild Garlic, Gooseberries --- and Me by Denis Couter. Great food reading.
Delizia: The History of the Italians and their Food by John Dickie. Truly as addictive as pasta.
American Artisanal by Rebecca Gray. From cheese to chocolate the search for America’s best.
Made in Italy: Food and Stories by Giorgio Locatelli. The real thing
A Wine Atlas of The Langhe, by The Slow Food Press. Based in Bra, you can’t get much better.


Town Notices

April 1 Dr. Strangelove,
Film Study at Red Barn
April 1 - 28 Signs of The Times,
Saugatuck/Douglas Historical Society at SCA
April 1 - May 4 Art of Africa,
Meijer Gardens
April 1 - July George Rickey’s Kinetic Sculptures, 20 Outdoor moving sculptures, Meijer Gardens
April 2 Puppetry Guild, Red Barn Playhouse
April 4 Bill & Jessie Freshwater, The Rye - A Public House, Fennville
April 5 Harry Lucas & The Lowdown Blues Band at The What Not
April 6 Jack Tabler at The What Not Inn
April 8 Squeezebox, Red Barn Playhouse
April 10 - 12, 17 - 20, 24 - 26 You Can’t Get There from Here,
Holland Civic Theater
April 11 FORE! The Golf Courses are Open!!!
April 11 Luke Winslow-King,
The Rye - A Public House, Fennville
April 12 Town Crier 5K, 10K Run & Walk,
(269) 857-1116
April 12 Christy G
at The What Not Inn
April 12 Girl’s Afternoon Out
at Fenn Valley Vineyard, 11-2
April 12 New McIntosh Winery Opens for Season
April 13 Cabaret Show,
Red Barn Playhouse
April 15 Winemakers Dinner,
Everyday People’s Café
April 15 The Loved One, Red Barn Film Studies
April 17 A Passion for Furniture Design,
Lecture at SCA, 7pm
April 18, 19, 20, 25, 26, 27 All In The Timing, Red Barn Playhouse
More Calendar ---

"Feel yourself being quietly drawn by what you truly love."

Spring Flowers
Peterson's Mill
Saugatuck City Hall

Rye - A Public House

Rye - A Public House
House made sausages, Cornish pasty, Whitefish Brandade, a Ploughman’s Plate, Grilled Skirt Steak with Warm Potato Salad Chocolate Stout Cake, and Rosemary Pudding Chomeur, this is great eating. The Journeyman’s latest venture is food at it’s best. And, extraordinary music makers singing blues, jazz, folk visit Rye every Friday all Spring. Rye and The Journeyman Fennville. 269.561.2269

Tell Me More

Learning To Listen
An essay, written by a Minneapolis newspaper reporter has long touched our hearts. We read it repeatedly and it seems particularly apt today. We thought it time we shared it with you. 
Listening ---

Chocolate Fever

Chocolate Fever

Where chocolate is concerned, it’ a continual quest for the best so in May we’re off to Paris on a Chocolate Tour of the best kept secret chocolate kitchens!! What could be better? We’ll report asap, but meanwhile:
We’ve long been fans of E. Guittard single origin chocolates from San Francisco chocolate makers for four generations who make bars up to 91% cacao. That’s Dark Chocolate!!  And, La Maison du Chocolate, New York and Paris, with their chocolate espresso beans that are addictive.
But, we must share our newest discovery, Valerie Confections from LA. All hand made, they make you taste chocolate for the first time. Their Dark Chocolate Toffees are simply wonderful. or 888.706.1408


Some of the best and the brightest women including Candice Bergen, Sheila Nevins (HBO Director), Joan Ganz Cooney (Sesame Street President), Lily Tomlin, Whoopi, Marlo Thomas and Mary Wells (advertising guru) have joined our pal, Joni Evans, to create or The Women of the Web.

It’s a great site for issues, chatter, and just fun. And well worth a gander. Take a look at Mary Wells’ “Moscow on the Mediterranean” about how the whole French Riveria is being sold to the Russians and it will expand your world in wonderful ways, long before you read about it elsewhere. And, best of all, you can chat back!

Mson Street Warehouse

Das Barbecu
6/20 - 7/6

As Bees in Honey Drown
As Bees in Honey Drown
7/11 - 7/27

8/1 - 8/17

Ain't Misbehavin'
Ain’t Misbehavin’
8/22 - 9/7

Italian Wine

The Italian Wine Merchants
For a wine buying experience, like no other, visit this Batali and Bastianich owned shop in NYC.
They select the best, from The Big Tuscans, Brunellos, Barabarescos, Barolos, Proseccos and Pinots too.They can guide you no matter your taste and your pocketbook. Sergio Esposito is the guiding partner, soon to publish his memories in “Passion on The Vine” and be sure and sign up for their newsletter Italian Wine Merchants 108 East 16th Street 212.473.2323

“One of the secrets of a happy life is continuous small treats.”

Iris Murdoch

Come and have an adventure with us!!
Julee and Bill

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