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The Wickwood Inn Notebook
A L L  T H E  L O C A L  N E W S,  R E C I P E S  &  L O R E  T H A T' S  F I T  T O  P R I N T  E A R L Y  S P R I N G  2 0 0 7

  The ducks, gulls, geese, doves, pheasants and these soon-to-be graceful "cygnets"
(baby swans) have all come back home to Saugatuck to roost!

And, even chickens can come home too!
Silver Palate Cookbook 25

e've always thought that cooking should be all about love, laughter and fun in the kitchen!! And, nothing could be more fun for us than to see our old bedraggled cookbook anew --- with dazzling color photos. Our recipes have suddenly come alive !! We've even updated the menus, tips, quotes, ingredient info, and all of the lore, too!!

Little did we know many years ago, that sharing our recipes would bring such joy, almost everyday, to our lives. We have "cooked" with so many who have become friends along the way. It's been a great ride! Thank you so very much.
Julee and Sheila

Tooting Our Horn
"Congratulations to Julee and Sheila for the constant inspiration."
        - Thomas Keller, The French Laundry
"Bravo Sheila and Julee!"  - Daniel Boulud, Daniel
"Julee and Sheila changed the cookbook world forever".
         - Ina Garten, The Barefoot Contessa

Spring Chickens, circa 1977
Spring Chickens, circa 1977

Spring chicks, no longer
Spring Chicks, no longer

Our Silver Palate Products
Our Silver Palate Products

Mousse for breakfast, always
Mousse for breakfast, always

and glazed ham
--- and glazed ham.

Chicken Marbella
There's chicken marbella

At Wickwood we’ll be celebrating the Silver Palate Cookbook all year long with the tempting classics we've been making for all of these years (Yikes!). They taste better than ever.
• Chicken Marbella, Pate Maison, Salmon Mousse, Caramelized Onion Tarts, Carrot and Orange Soup, Asparagus and Proscuitto, Nutted Wild Rice and three Cheese Pinwheels for Hor’s d’ouveres
• Strawberry Shortcake, Cappuccino Mousse, Parmesan Strata, Apple Bread Pudding with Vanilla Sauce and Glazed Country Ham for Brunch.
• Chocolate Chip Cookies, Pecan Squares, Brownies, Butterballs, Peanut Butter Squares, Brandy, and Limoncello. Come visit!

Strawberry Shortcake
--- and even strawberry shortcake!!!

To order your own autographed copy – email us at



April is Wine Month

April is Wine Month
Michigan celebrates all month long their wineries. Hit the Southwest Michigan Wine Trail and discover a dozen wineries close by.

1,000 Places To See Before You die

Wickwood and Saugatuck, will be featured in this edition covering the US, to be published in April. We're excited. Thank you, Patricia.

Antiques Abound

Antiques Abound
On our doorstep:
• Amsterdam Art
• The Antique & Garden Gallery
• Anderson’s Schoolhouse
• Bentley’s Fine Antiques
• Blue Star Pavilion
• Red Barn Treasures
• Birdcage Antiques
• Domicile Design
• Elephant’s Trunk
• Olde House Antiques

Art 'Round Town

Art 'Round Town
Thirty four nationally known artists’ work is displayed on our streets around town for all of us to enjoy year round. This year’s competition will culminate on June 2, with a reception announcing the winners! To best enjoy, slowly meander our streets.

Secret Ingredients

Secret Ingredients
If you want truly exciting flavor when you cook (and why else would you go to the trouble?) it’s easy if you seek out the freshest spices around. For green fennel seeds, black cardamom, Sichuan pepper, sea salts and peppers from around the globe, eucalyptus leaves, cypress nuts, pistachio flowers and all the regulars. Go to the source over 500 top chefs around the world trust, Jing Tio’s Santa Monica shop at

Artisan Sausages

Artisan Sausages
American artisanal sausage makers have mastered curing meats on our shores. They’re marvelous! Enjoy them.
• Bresaola – a lean cut of beef that’s air-dried.
• Coppa – pork shoulder that’s cured like proscuitto, rosy, delicious.
• Mortadella – one of the stars of Italian sausage.
• Prosciutto – the king of cured ham, now being accomplished in the US.
• Lardo- white proscuitto, but difficult to find.
• Salame – cured sausage
• Soppressata – salame flavored with peppers, garlic, herbs or spices.
• Speck – Made as proscuitto, but smoked before aging. Austrian.
Contact:,,,, or

The Red Barn

Red Barn Playhouse Comeback
The century old Red Barn Playhouse has been revitalized with a year round schedule in the newly heated theater. From live productions of “The Fantasticks”, to” The Sound of Music”. And Film Studies of the classics “Rear Window”, “Marnie”,” West Side Story", ballet, concerts, and one man shows, combined with an old fashioned flea market next door for a very active event program. Open year round and most charming. 269.857.5300

SCA logo

The Saugatuck Center for The Arts has a program full of Jazz , Blues and Dance, and classes in Sculpture, Songwriting, Sculpture, Drawing, Glass blowing, Papermaking, Ikebana and Yoga. Check

Waterfront Film Festival
"Like a laid-back Sundance"
                 – Chicago Tribune

Waterfront Film Festival
June 7-10 fills four days with independent films, shorts, director’s seminars and actor's workshops. Plus, there are outdoor screenings, music, and a few parties around town. Not to be missed!!!

Journeyman Cafe

The Journeyman
“Live off the land and you’ll eat like a king”, says our favorite local chef Matt Millar. And, he’s stepped it up to a new level of cooking as he taps into over 65 local suppliers and then cooks quite magically. There’s white salmon, pork belly, homemade fresh pasta and charcuterie, the freshest seafood possible, microgreens galore, American artisanal cheeses, white truffle omelets, and some of the best hearth oven pizza and bread in the US. Now, with spirits, beer and an extraordinary wine list, we’ll be lucky if we can ever get a table! But we’ll fight for it!!!
The Journeyman 269.561.2269

Mason Street Warehouse

Mason Street Warehouse Announces 2007 Program
The Uptown Playhouse that brings B’way to downtown Saugatuck will present:
Altar Boyz 6/22-7/3 A musical comedy about a fictitious boys band
Food Chain 7/13-29 An absurd comedy that’s poisonously funny.
Lucky Stiff  8/3-25 A musical murder mystery
Shout 8/24-9/9 A musical of the coming of age of woman in the 60’s
For tickets: 269.857.4898

Live off the land

Local Farmers
It’s not too late to sign yourself up for a share with a local certified organic or sustainable farmer who will grow and harvest produce in accordance with nature just for you. Community Supported Agriculture is a program that is increasingly popular as it enables farmers to share their crops with a group of sponsors. For a farm near you:,, or

Unfiltered Olive Oil
Unfiltered Olive Oil It’s the stuff that great chefs keep secret - an ingredient that’s so loaded with flavor that it makes everything it touches, magical. Terre Bormane’s Riviera di Fiori is made from taggiasca olives pressed and left unfiltered at the beginning of the harvest season so that it bursts with olive flavor. The Chef’s Warehouse 718.842.8700

Town Notices

April 1 April Fool’s Day
April 1 The Ravines, Clearbrook, Hawkshead Golf Courses Open

April 1-23 Metamorphosis, SCA
April 1-30 Butterflies Are Blooming at Meijer Gardens
April 1-May 13 Patrick Dougherty, sculptor at Meijer Gardens
April 7 Bobby T & Friends at The What Not
April 8 Happy Easter! Easter Parade and Egg Rolling – Saugatuck
April 8 Mary Rademacher at The What Not
April 11 Song Writing Workshop with Jim Cooper at the SCA
April 11 Marie at The Red Barn 269.857.5300
April 14 Town Crier 5K and 10K Run-Walk
April 15 Michael Holmes Trio
at The What Not
April 17 Wine Dinner at Everyday People’s Café
April 20-21 Run for Your Wife at The Red Barn 269.857.5300
April 21 Christy G at The What Not
April 25 Family Plot at The Red Barn
April 29 Edye Evans Hyde at The What Not


May 4-6 Blue Coast Artists Opening Tour
May 5 Douglas Spring Preview May 5 Amazwi Art opens new gallery
May 5 First Day, Star of Saugatuck Boat Cruises
May 5-12 Tulip Time
in Holland, Parades, Flowers
May 6 Sunday Felt Mansion Tours
May 13 Mother’s Day!
May 20 Michael Holmes Trio
at The What Not
May 26-28 Memorial Day Weekend
May 27 S/D Historical Museum Walls Talking, Stories of People and Places in Saugatuck
May 27 Allegan Antique Market

May 28 Memorial Day Parade Saugatuck/Douglas


June 1 Express Yourself Art Barn Opens
June 5
That’s Entertainment at the Red Barn
June 7-10 Waterfront Film Festival, One of the Top 10 in the Country
June 8 Saugatuck Green Market
June10 Michael Holmes Trio
at The What Not
June 15-16 Charlie and The Chocolate Factory at The Red Barn
June 15 Pottery Workshop, Khnemu Studio and Gallery
June 16-Arts & Crafts Show, Saugatuck
June 16-17 James Brandess Studio & Gallery Showing
June 17 Father’s Day!
June 19 Singin’ in the Rain at the Red Barn
June 20 Solstice Stone Circle, Ark Gallery
June 21 Summer Solstice
June 22-23 Altar Boyz, Mason Street Warehouse

June 22 Ox-Bow Open Studios 269.8575811
June 23 Summer Solstice Affair SCA
June 23 Saugatuck Brewing Celebrates
June 24 Allegan Antique Market
June 26-30 Altar Boyz, Mason Street Warehouse
June 30 Waterfront Art Fair
, Cook Park, Saugatuck

A Negroni Please
We have one family member who’s favorite cocktail is also most Italian’s nightly “apertivo”. She’s long ago outgrown the classic combination of equal amounts of Campari, Gin and Sweet Vermouth with an orange slice, no ice, in a short glass. Too old, she now opts for a tall glass with ice, just a dash of Campari, a dash of vodka, and a dash of Sweet Vermouth, topping it off with vast amounts of club soda and a generous squeeze from orange wedge. It's still fabulous!

Now considered very sassy, Campari is being slipped into Mimosas, and in cocktails with Grand Marnier, pomegranate juice, even paired with bourbon and tequila. Try it yourself. It’s bitter, but elusive, intriguing, adding great mystery and marvelous hues to sipping.

Markets of Paris

Our Red Book – Those we can’t put down:
Wise Women, Joyce Tenneson.  A fabulous celebration of photographs of women of a "certain age".
Returning to Earth, Jim Harrison. A must read for those with a hunger for the spirit as well as the belly. This feeds your soul. Our literary hero!!!
A Hedonist in the Cellar, Jay McInerney. Brilliant, witty and provocative wine writing.
Waugh on Wine, Auberon Waugh. He set a new standard for writing about wine.
Romancing the Vine, Alan Tardi. A fascinating vineyard year in Barolo from a chef’s perspective.
Slow Food Revolution, Carlo Petrini. His fantastic journey, his way.
Life Is Meals, James and Kay Salter. A literary icon talks about his love of food.
About Alice, Calvin Trillin. Loving memories from the much admired writer for The New Yorker.
Paris Food Markets
When we travel we never miss a visit to the local food markets. It’s half the fun. Now, discover every neighborhood market in Paris from antique books, and botanical prints to regional crafts and flea market bargains as well as the bounty of the French countryside brought to the city. Itineraries and local restaurants are also described.

Eiffel Tower  Eiffel Tower  Eiffel Tower

"Laughter is an instant vacation."      Milton Berle
Come share some with us!
Julee and Bill

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Julee and Bill



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