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The Wickwood Inn Notebook
A L L  T H E  L O C A L  N E W S,  G O S S I P,  R E C I P E S  &  L O R E  T H A T' S  F I T  T O   P R I N T  S P R I N G  2 0 0 6

Very berry shortcake

  "Everything to excess. To enjoy life, take big bites. Moderation is for monks."
Robert Heinlein, "Time enough for Love"

Soar through Spring!

We can hardly wait until the local berries are sweet enough for eating!! Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries. Well, we've been known to make a complete dinner of only Very Berry Shortcake!!

It's true, sometimes at Wickwood we serve our shortcake for breakfast! Why not? Over the past 30 years our incurable passion for shortcake recipes has been refined until we can finally share
Our Best Very Berry Shortcake (and Other Recipes ... )

Appetizers at the Inn

Flowers at the Inn

"Live each season as it passes, breathe the air, drink the drink,
taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each"
Henry David Thoreau

At Wickwood ...
The wild onions and violets are sneaking through the damp earth in our orchard. Unmistakably, it's Spring!

Then, first asparagus, next garlic scapes, ramps, rhubarb, radishes, morels, salmon, dandelions, spring chicken and lamb, fava beans, Easter ham, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries. You get our drift. The gardens unfold ...

Every ingredient should be picked at its very best. We think that's what our guests deserve at Wickwood Inn.

Spring in the vineyard

In the vineyards you can literally watch the vines come
to life and inch toward the Spring sunshine.
                                                                              Wineries ...

Saugatuck beach
Our beaches beckon ... long, lazy walks and
beach combing. Spring sunsets are superb.

One of Saugatuck's five fabulous golf courses
Our five golf courses are ready and golfers
are soaring balls, practicing for the next Masters.


The Annual Tulip Time in Holland is May 3rd through May 13th.  Amidst the city wide display of tulips are the Volks parade, Street Scrubbing, Dutch Klompen Dancers in full costume, a Marketplaats, concerts with Three Dog Night, Frankie Avalon, The Oakridge Boys and the Zanggroep Choir. Fireworks too.

Michael Holmes

Our favorite entertainer, Michael Holmes, performs his one man version of the “Judy Garland Show”. This cabaret featuring Judy, Carol Channing, Billie Holiday, and Bette Davis is just not to be missed. Such fun!! Your spirits will be lifted.

May 6, 2006 Saugatuck Center for the Arts (269) 857-2399

Art 'Round Town

Sculptures magically appear all over our village on June 3rd thanks to an extraordinary competition that allows us to enjoy the very best. Stone, metal, bronze, and marble are all in evidence. And, all around town everyone’s snapping photos. Join the welcoming reception for the artists at the Joyce Petter Gallery.
(616) 582-6001

Antique signage

Spring is a great time for antiquing. The shops and barns are filled with "finds" from country French to country Michigan - old bottles to wicker bassinettes.

In Saugatuck/Douglas there's Amsterdam's where you might find an aging sign, Philip Stark chair or a clay pot you could live in. Bentley's has English silver and china painted shutters, French posters, and art.

Blue Star Antiques has over 175 dealers under one roof and each booth is better than the last. the Bird Cage has French and English furniture and that's just the beginning. There are over twenty shops in the area. Then there are monthly Sunday Allegan antique Markets with over 400 dealers at the Fairgrounds. The early bird ...

Foraging in Spain

If you’re on your way to Spain - don’t miss visiting it’s oldest grocery store founded in 1868 and run by 5 generations of the same family.

Located in Huesca at the foot of the Aragonese Pyrenees, Maria Jesus SanVicente’s shop draws visitors from around the world. It’s truly a food lover’s delight.

On it’s floor to ceiling shelves are stocked some of Spain’s best tapas bars secret ingredients - chestnuts, spices, dried cod, rices, pimentos, sherry vinegars, sausages, black olives, honey, and olive oils. Don’t miss it LaConfianza, Plaza del Mercado 7, Huesca, Spain 34-974-222-632

Saugatuck Ferry

Waterfront Film Festival


The most creative independent film producers vie to be accepted in this film festival. It all begins with an outdoor screening at dusk, followed by three days of non-stop films, forums with movie stars and loads of parties, all within walking distance. All the best of the independents.

Mason Street Warehouse logo

True to its Broadway Theater roots, the Mason Street Warehouse, an uptown theater in downtown Saugatuck, has announced its 2006 season. It’s terrific entertainment!
June 23 - July 9 “Hunka Hunka Burning Love, an Elvis Presley Musical Tribute” A celebration of Elvis’ music not an imitation.
July 14 -  30 “The Great American Trailer Park Musical” An hysterical musical comedy of soap opera antics with a country pop/rock score
August 4 - 20 “Cabaret”, the award winning Kander & Ebb musical comes to Saugatuck. “Don’t sit alone in your room…”
August 25 - September 10 “Scenery”, a hilarious and touching valentine to the triumphs and heartbreaks of a life in the theatre. Mason Street Warehouse
(269) 857-4898

My Life in France by Julia Child

A must read! “My Life in France” by Julia Child and her nephew Alex Prud' Home is just out. Now we can share with Julia how it all began.

I first "met" her in 1968 when a pal gave me the just published “The French Chef Cookbook” and I cooked my way through it from start to finish. All 424 pages.

She became real, twenty years later, when Julia, Paul and I were houseguests at Pat & Walter Well’s “Chanteduc” in Provence as we gathered to celebrate Pat’s 40th. The laughter started then ... and never stopped.

Julia was the only person I know who called regularly after 11pm and before 6 am, with no apologies, ever. Wills could tell, as he came to the kitchen for his first cup of coffee, when I’d already been talking to her. Fun was in the air!!


When you taste superb bacon or proscuitto – it’s an AH HA! moment and you know you’ve tasted something truly special. You immediately want more! Heritage Foods is offering “La Quercia Artisan Cured Meats” bacon, proscuitto and pancetta. Spring for it – its well worth the extra tariff.

The Spotted Pig

On a recent trip to NYC - during which the streets turned into grand parade of pink and white blossoms - I went to pig heaven.

Nestled unasumedly on a corner in the West Village (my first and last home). The Pig is a local pub first and a culinary mecca second.

That's why April Bloomfield (formerly of the River
Café - London) got one coveted Michelin star when others went wanting. The lines are two hours long so, lunchtime is best.
The Spotted Pig, 314 West 11th Street, New York City
(212) 620-0393


Cookbooks and Books I’m Loving Just Now ...

“A Year in the World” ~ Frances Mayes. Beyond Tuscany in Portugal, Greece, Spain
“The Force of Reason” ~ Oriana Fallaci (Author of “A Man” and “The Rage and Pride” - If you are alive today, a must read.
“Eat, Pray, Love”
~ Elizabeth Gilbert. Adventures over one year in Italy, India and Indonesia.
“Manual of Saint-German-des-Pres” ~ Boris Vian. The inside scoop.
“The Vinegar of Spilamberto and other Italian adventures with food, places and people” ~ Doris Muscatine. A little trip.
“Meat Club Cookbook - For gals who love their meat” ~ Vanessa Dina – Great fun.
“Barbra (Streisand): The Way She Is” ~ Christopher Anderson tells all.
“Body Transformation: Lose Weight, Gain Energy and Reverse Premature Aging” ~ Julie Chrystyns. Princess Diana of Wales endorsed this !Sigh!
“The Herbal Kitchen” ~ Jerry Traundeld. Truly wonderful.
“The Provence of Alain Ducasse” ~  Alain Ducasse

Town Notices

April 10 The Golf Courses are green and open!
April 12 - April 30 “Foremost’s Butterflies are Blooming”
Meijer Gardens
April 14-16 Easter
Calling all Bunnies
April 15 - May 14 Andy Goldsworthy “Arches” Exhibition
  The largest work ever in U.S. Meijer Gardens, Grand Rapids
April 15 - May 15 Katherine Sullivan “Two Dimensional Image Making” Gebben-Gray Gallery 6 - 9pm
April 15 Town Crier Race 5k and 10k race thru historic Saugatuck (269) 857-1116
April 15 Tiny Giant  What Not Inn
April 16 Bobby T & Friends What Not Inn
April 16 Dancing Horse Winery to open
April 21 “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change!” Michigan’s Avalon Theatre returns with the hilarious musical comedy about the trials and tribulations of dealing with relationships. Saugatuck Center for the Arts (269) 857-2399
April 22 Jazz Concert Saugatuck Women’s Club 8pm (269) 857-2287
April 22 “Art Dart” Water Street Gallery 6 - 8pm
April, May, June ...

Breakfast at the Inn
Flowers at the Inn

"Just living is not enough.
One must have sunshine,
freedom, and a little flower."
        - Hans Christian Anderson

Sailboats in the Saugatuck harbor
Front entrance of the Inn
Some chocolate covered strawberries at the Inn
Swedish Cottage
Lambs at play
Yummys at the Inn
The Christy Suite
Swans at the Mildred Peterson Preserve

"You can fall in love at first sight with a place as with a person."
                 - Alec Waugh

A bouquet of Spring flowers
S.S. Keewatin


"The clock of life is wound but once,
and no man has the power,
to tell just when the hands will stop,
at late or early hour.
Now is the only time you own,
live, love, toil with a will.
Place no faith in tomorrow.
For the the clock may then be still."
                      .... Annonymous

Spring in NYC is glorious!! It comes early and blossoms are all over town.

Blossoming too are taut bodies, pulled faces and more blondes and twins than natural. The streets are beginning to look funny. True confidence instead is very apparent, reflected in strands of silver hair and crow’s feet on heads held high..

George Bernard Shaw’s Orinthia in “The Apple Cart” declares that confidence in ourselves comes not from what we do or how we look, or how rich we are, but from a deep and complete acceptance of ourselves.

The French call it “Jolie Laide” - women who radiate a kind of magnetism that goes beyond looks ... good or flawed.

Remember ... Lady Liberty is green!


“Plant a radish, get a radish never any doubt.
That’s why I love vegetables, you know what you’re about.”
                  -"The Fantastics"

These two buzzwords are everywhere in the food world! And, large producers are using them with abandon - Don’t bite.

"Organic farmers" can’t use toxic pesticides, chemical herbicides or fertilizers and must be certified every year. In this case small definitely is better.

And, nothing tastes as good as young, fresh produce. It will cut your time in the kitchen in half.

If you don’t have your own garden; make your local farmers your new best friend. Find a road side stand, a farmer’s market, stop at a farm and start networking, join a farm co-op or guild, or best of all help a friend with a garden to weed.

If you can, plant a few seeds on your own. So much the better. A couple of heirloom tomato plants, a sprinkle of arugula seeds or a few radishes. “Just picked” is perfect!

Heirloom seeds can be found:

"Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after."
                                                                              Anne Morrow Lindberg
Hope to see you soon!
Julee and Bill

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