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Happy Thanksgiving!

"Since we must eat to live, we might as well do it with both grace and gusto."
                                                                                                 --- MFK Fisher


                                                              Artist, Norman Rockwell, 1943
"Freedom from Want"**

"Be grateful for what you already have." --- Lily Tomlin


Save the Foodie Stuff for the Rest of the Year
"The term 'Foodie' is said to have originated in 1977 in a small food shop on the Upper West Side of Manhattan." --- The New York Times, 1998

Famously, there was the Thanksgiving that as a new Bride I tried to update the Miller Family's long traditions of lukewarm turkey , soggy bland dressing, and white gravy with some of my own recipes. My menu included:

Pate Maison ~ Salmon Mousse ~ Cheese Straws
Our Favorite Way to Roast a Turkey (originally with 4 sticks of butter)

 Cornbread Sausage Stuffing ~ Giblet Gravy ~ Cranberry Chutney

Broccoli Puree ~ Chestnut Puree ~ Sweet Potato & Banana Puree
Glazed Lady Apples & Onions

Mache & Roasted Pear Salad with a Red Wine Vinaigrette

Date Nut Pudding ~ Pumpkin Pie ~ Cranberry Upside Down Cake
Gobs of Whipped Cream

Larry Mawby's Sparling Sex ~ Wyncroft Chardonnay ~ Rombauer Zinfindell

A Walk Along Our Lakeshore

Needless to say, the Vegetable Purees were not a hit! Everyone missed Betts' Candied Sweet Potatoes and Susie's Green Bean Casserole and most of all Kay's White Gravy and her cooking with a Mom's love. And I learned my lesson!!

Thanksgiving is a time for tradition which means no revising the family recipes. Don't mess with the dressing. Don't tinker with the turkey. Don't go heirloom if the plain old Butterball is your family's favorite.

You can be a Foodie during the rest of the year. But major family holidays are not the time for drastic improvements. Because, particularly on Thanksgiving, the food isn't just food --- it is about memories. It's history in a gravy dish. The meal isn't only about what's on the table, it's about the people sitting around it, and remembering those who are not. It's about the origins of the family's favorites. It's about tradition and being grateful which means there are things that matter more than how it tastes. It's about the laughter and love you put into the food. It's about those you have loved and love today. Look to your left and to your right. Look all around the table, and just be thankful.

"Be grateful for luck. Pay the thunder no mind - listen to the birds.
And don't hate no body" --- Eubie Blake, Jazz Composer of the 1920s


We at Wickwood Inn are very thankful for you!!
Enjoy your Holiday and laugh alot!!


Thanksgiving Day Walk Traditionally Wearing Only Cardigans

** With grateful thanks to Norman Rockwell (one of the Four Freedom Collection painted in Stockbridge Mass, inspired by FDR's 1941 State of the Union Speech, Jennifer Weiner (NYT, 11/14/19), The Silver Palate Cookbook, The Silver Palate Good Times Cookbook, and Julee's memory.

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