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The Wickwood Inn Notebook
A L L  T H E  L O C A L  N E W S,  G O S S I P,  R E C I P E S  A N D  L O R E  T H A T' S  F I T  T O   P R I N T Topiary I N D I A N  S U M M E R  2 0 0 8
S U B S C R I B E  TO  T H E  W I C K W O OD  N E W S L E T T E R

Indian Summer
  "If I were a bird, I would fly around the earth seeking successive autumns."    George Eliot

Indian Summer is a showstopper in our neighborhood! Leaves flame against misty morns, juxtapose with soft warm seductive breezes from Lake Michigan. They soothe, renew and just may increase your appetite for life!! Come savor it at Wickwood

Breakfast at Wickwood
"One of the nicest things about life is the way we must stop whatever it is we're doing and devote our attention to eating."
  Luciano Pavarotti

The Power Breakfast Club
You’ve heard it repeatedly --- ”Eat breakfast, it’s the most important meal of the day!” Now its been reenergized.

A recent study shows that a high carb, high protein big breakfast of six hundred calories will give you fewer cravings and shed more pounds than eating low calorie, low-carb breakfasts. It seems logical, as your body is primed to convert food into energy right away after being at rest. After all, it is the meal "to break the fast." And, if your brain doesn’t get what it needs, it simply slows metabolism down and intensifies cravings. The recommendation: your first meal should account for roughly half your daily calories. Come breakfast with us!!                                                                                   Recipes ---


August 25-September 8 Dunes Coastal Alliance Artists’ Exhibit, SCA
August 25-31 A Joining of Elements, fascinating Wooden Box Sculpture at Khnemu Studio
August 25- September 29 Point of View exhibit with painter Frank Gunter, SCA
August 28-September 7 Ain’t Misbehavin’, Fats Waller’s fabulous Musical, Mason Street Warehouse
August 29 The Fair Divide
, The Garden at Uncommon Grounds
August 30 First Annual Wau-Ke-Na Walk, 10-5, An Art Show in the Meadow with a dozen Plein Aire artists
August 30-31 Crane Orchard Corn Maze Opens
August 30 An Afternoon with Artist Nellie Durand
, Good Goods
August 30 Jack Tabler sings, The What Not Inn
August 31 Allegan Antique Market   
 Sept, Oct, Nov ---

"The right food always comes at the right time. Out-of-season food makes the
gastronomic year boring."
Roy Andries de Groot
Heirloom TomatoesBlueberriesFresh Vegetables
Local Farmer and His FamilyBoysenberry FarmersTomato TasterPlaying In The Soil
Farmers are our rock stars. We salute our local heroes who grow and gather for us."

Plein Aire Painting
"Every artist dips his brush in his soul and paints his own nature into his pictures." - Henry Ward Beecher

Painting Outdoors!!
Twelve artists paint “En Plein Aire” on August 30, in the First Annual Wau-Ke-Na Art Walk on the 400 acre Wildlife Preserve near Saugatuck.

A full day of watching artists work outdoors, painting exhibitions, Antique Wagon Rides, Tours & Refreshments all day from 10-5.

“Art in the Meadow”, Ox-Bow’s Fall Classes begin September 9th with both weekday and weekend Workshops. ”Impressionism Along the Lakeshore”, “Glass Beadmaking”, “Collage”, “Landscape”, “Still-life”, “Gouche and Egg Tempera”, “Chocolate”, and of course “En Plein Aire" are among the classes.

Mt. Baldhead Challenge

Mt. Baldhead Challenge
Early Saturday morning, September 13, 2008, the streets of Saugatuck and Douglas are energized as hundreds of runners of all ages get out and test themselves. At 8:40, children under twelve compete in “Little Feet, Big Feat”. At 9:00, the challenging 15K begins in Saugatuck, winds through Douglas and along Lake Michigan, up the 282 steps of Mt. Baldhead and along the Kalamazoo River. WHEW!!
At 9:15 the fast and fun USATF certified 5K course for serious runners begins with a tour of Saugatuck and Douglas eluding Mt. Baldy. Everyone is a winner!!!

"In Indian Summer, the song sings itself." - William Carlos Williams

Lakeshore Harvest Country Road Rally
On Saturday October 11th, twelve of the farms located near Saugatuck will host a rally and receptions to welcome guests to life on the farm. Everyone will follow clues to visit the farms where they’ll meet the baby chicks, cows, bees and goats, u-pick fruits, and jams, ciders, syrups and honey of the farms. It’s a great opportunity to see farm life close up at Crane Orchards, Earl’s Farm, Dee’s Lakeshore Farm, Barden’s Farm, Overhiser Orchards, and Fernwood Farm.

Pumpkin Barn
Pumpkin Barn

The Harvest
It’s time to visit Crane Orchards to “pick your own” apples ... a wonderful way to take a step back in time.

There are Ginger Gold, Honey Crisps, Gala, Mutsu, Fuji, Ida Reds, Empire Goldens and Cortalnds – great for apple pies, sauces, cobblers, crisps, buckles, strudels and cider. No visit is complete without a stop at the Pie Pantry for terrific soups, homemade fruit pies, cider and cider doughnuts.

And, if you have time to get lost, there’s The Crane Corn Maze for a little exercise. During Halloween it because The Haunted Maze with ghosts and goblins. It’s time to be a kid again! Growing old is scary enough!

The Four Seasons, "First you are young; then you are middle-aged; then you are old; then you are wonderful!" - Lady Diana Cooper

Antiques & Old Wares

Our Antique Trail
Amble our own Antique Trail along the Blue Star where dozens of antique dealers highlight gems galore.

Antique ironwork, furniture, fine art, home and garden décor, retro, architectural salvage, glassware, armoires, vintage posters, stained glass, silver, fine collectables and junk are all in evidence. It’s great fun to discover your own treasure.

Klea Blackhurst

Celebrate Ethel Merman October 4th, Mason Street Warehouse
“Everything’s Coming Up Roses”, “I Got Rhythm”, and “Blow, Gabriel Blow” sung by Klea Blackhurst in her acclaimed tribute to Ethel Merman.

“Everything The Traffic Will Allow” will indeed bring the rafters down! This knockout show with Blackhurst’s wit and powerful vocals will be a brilliant evening dedicated to one of American theatre’s greatest stars.   269.857.4898

Heritage Festival

Saugatuck-Douglas Heritage Festival September 20 and 21
A weekend full of the spirit of Saugatuck courtesy of The Saugatuck-Douglas Historical Society. “Eight Moments In Time” Home Tour. A rare look at seven distinctive homes that reflect Saugatuck’s architectural heritage. Clothesline Art Show featuring local artists, Douglas Dutcher Vintage Baseball Match. Always great! Tallmadge Woods Hike to the “Crow’s Nest” overlooking Lake Michigan’s Dunes

"The only thing to do with family skeletons is to take them out of the closet and dance with them."
 - Anonymous


Halloween Weekend brings out the best creativity all over town!  Houses look scary and a glow – Costume Contests prevail and everyone dreams up and struts their stuff in one parade or another. The Children’s Parade, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” is re-enacted, Haunted Houses and Corn mazes, and the wild Adult Parade after dark in Douglas are not to be missed events!! October 24th and 25th all around town!

Happy Halloween

Red Barn Winery
Round Barn Winery

The Wine Crush Is On
Local wineries throughout Southwest Michigan bustle all Fall. It’s the best time of the year to visit the s “the vendage” or the harvest of the grapes takes place. Start in downtown Saugatuck at the Fenn Valley and Tabor Hill Tasting Rooms, head out to visit nearby Fenn Valley Winery and then meander The Wine Trail where you can talk to real winemakers :

Warner Fenn Valley
St. Julian Karma Vista
Contessa Lemon Creek
Tabor Hill Round Barn

Domaine Berrien

Wineries ---

Blue Pears
“Saugatuck is One of the Top Five Art Towns in America”
 American Style Magazine

Gallery Strolls
Every weekend this Fall the dozens of Art Galleries and Studios  are abuzz with Gallery Openings, Artist’s Receptions, painting demonstrations and classes! Saugatuck/Douglas and The Blue Coast has over forty galleries exhibiting over 800 artists—all year long!!            
Galleries ---

James Brandess in his Saugatuck Studio

Pumpkin Patch
Local Farm Stand
Fall on the beach
Organic Farm Produce

Wine Bottles
“You can buy a wine’s body, but you cannot buy it’s soul”
Neal Rosenthal, Wine Merchant

The Wine Wars Circa 2008
Wine is not what it once was. And more and more wine drinkers want it the way it used to be. Just as serious cooks are demanding that their ingredients have the flavor integrity they once did and insisting upon locally grown organic credentials; wine drinkers want naturally nuanced authentic wines that have complexity with every sip and age well.

To our dismay, over the past twenty years, in an effort to please some wine critics and second guess the American public's palate, wine makers around the world have created sweet, plush, “jammy fruit bombs” that might attract attention at Tastings, but overwhelm when they accompany food. They have resorted to adding sugars, flavorings, yeasts, wood chips and using ultra filtration systems to create highly manipulated wines. These wines are to be served immediately and need no time aging. A far cry from centuries old wine traditions.

Today there are winemakers, importers and wine lovers who are in rebellion and we are amongst them. We want the subtle nuanced interesting and authentic wines that are made from grapes grown in complex soils by winemakers using traditional blending and aging methods. These are the winemakers who respect “terrior” above all else. They realize that the best grapes in the world are grown in soil whose vines drill though layers of porous and dense minerals to find its water source thus flavoring the grapes superbly. Ironically, many of the recently established vineyards today are based on former deserts.

Instead we want to drink wines from winemakers that use organically and/or biodynamically methods and use little or no sulphur, only natural yeasts, no enzymes, no roto-ferments, no fancy consultants and leave the stems and seeds in the wine for natural tannins. They make simply delicious and interesting wines that develop more character over time.

To discover which camp you’re in, try a simple test. Collect some of your favorite wines and then seek out some of those from the list below. Ask your local wine shop, they may be right under your nose. Then, simply taste several side by side and decide for yourself. The difference is huge. Old fashioned wine has become cutting edge. We trust:; Neal Rosenthal Wine Merchant at; Becky Wasserman Selections at; and Louis Dressner at to import wines that are authentic.

In California, wineries producing traditional wines are Frog’s Leap, Chateau Montelena, Clos du Val, Dominus Estate, Grgich Hills, Heitz Cellar, M by Michael Mondavi, Tom Eddy Wines, Trefethen Family Vineyards, Mayacamas Vineyard and Smith-Madrone.

"Making good wine is a skill, fine wine an art." - Robert Mondavi

   "Literature is love." -- Nabokov

Red Books     

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer. WWII in the Channel Islands.
Blueberry Summer by Curtiss Anderson. Charming memories of growing up on a Minnesota Lake.
Reflections of a Wine Merchant by Neal Rosenthal. Up close in the vineyards and cellars of Italy & France.
The Battle for Wine and Love by Alice Feiring. Ask yourself what kind of wine you really want to drink. Feiring leaves little doubt.
The River Cottage Fish Cookbook by Hugh Fearnly-Whittingstall. A real fisherman-cook’s cookbook.
This Land is Their Land by Barbara Ehrenreich. Good for the soul.
The Wines of Burgundy by Clive Coates. Good for the spirit.
The Duff Cooper Diaries by John Julius Norwich. London society during the Blitz. Pretty fascinating.

Wickwood Indian Summer Color Tour Specials
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"Our life is frittered away by detail. Simplify. Simplify."
Henry David Thoreau

"Christmas waves a magic wand over the world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful."
- Norman Vincent Peale

Catch the Holiday Spirit in Saugatuck - 11/15/08 to 1/5/09
Plan now to visit us as the holiday season approaches. Saugatuck and Douglas become an Old Fashion Christmas Card - with twinkling lights everywhere beginning in mid-November. For six weeks our towns are magical - horse drawn carriage rides, mulled cider and holiday cookies in shops brimming with unique gifts and stocking stuffers, even Dickens' "Christmas Carol!"


"Learn to pause --- or nothing worthwhile will catch up to you."  Doug King
Come and stop the world with us!!!  
Julee and Bill



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