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"Forget love, I'd rather fall in chocolate!"  --- Miss Piggy

With Julee Rosso

March 2-3 l March 16-17 l March 30-31 l April 13-14 l April 27-28, 2012

Julee has been obsessed with good dark chocolate since she took her first chocolate class with New York's first artisanal chocolatier, Tom Kron, in the early 70's. It was Tom who set New York's Upper East Side into a frenzy when he first dipped fresh strawberries in dark rich chocolate --- then oranges, dried ginger, and pineapple. His world was chocolate and his creativity unlimited. Julee became his pal when she ordered a life-size Woman's Chocolate Leg for her Dad's 60th birthday. Her plane ride home was "A Happening" as people up and down the aisles smelled the chocolate leg sitting atop her lap. And so her love and quest for the best chocolate on the planet began.

Share with her this passion as she teaches what she has learned over the years about Organic, Fair Trade and Estate grown chocolates, who the best Chocolatiers are, and how to cook with chocolate to capture its essence. Comparatively taste chocolates from artisanal Chocolatiers from around the world and some of the wines that go best with chocolate.

Best of all you'll learn five to seven fabulous chocolate recipes from her repertoire --- such as Frozen Hot Chocolate, Hot Chocolate on a Stick, Quick Chocolate Souffles, Decadent Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Bark, Pot du Chocolat, Gluten-free Chocolate Chip Cookies, Chocolate Upside Down Cake, Chocolate Hazelnut Turnovers, Chocolate Mousses, Chocolate Dipped Fruit, Julia’s Chocolate Bites, Simca’s Chocolate Raspberry Cake, Chocolate Jumbles, A Fudge Terrine, and Molten Chocolate Cake --- or whatever she's created the day before.

"Eighty percent of success is showing up."   --- Woody Allen

"Life is short, live it up."   --- Betty White


March 2-3 l March 16-17 l March 30-31 l April 13-14 l April 27-28
Saturday Morning 10:30 - 1:30
$100 per person

For Wickwood Inn Guests, only. Classes are optional.
To Reserve, Call 800.385.1174

"Looks may be deceiving; it's eating that's believing."  --- James Thurber

"Julee is plugged in! If you love food, you must experience it with Julee. She celebrates cooking every day and when you are with her - so will you! I loved it all!"
                             --- Dallas, Texas

"Absolutely incredible! I had to write to tell you that as soon as we finished the class I wanted to cook again. I had to write to give you my praise and admiration.
I'll never forget it."     ---Natchez, Mississippi



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